Air-O-Cell Cassette

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Make your testing exemplary with Air-O-Cell Sampler Cassettes. With rapid collection technology, your can now test a broader range of allergens and contaminants in the home than conventional testing alone. Air-O-Cell's airborne collection can detect organic material like mold spores, pollen, and insect parts, as well as inorganic material like asbestos, and fiberglass. To raise the Air-O-Cell's scrutiny and ease of use  to an even more outstanding level, we are including InspectorLab. InspectorLab's third party testing is included with every cassette purchase so you know the testing is of the highest quality. Use one cassette outdoors for the base line sample, and one cassette for each area in question for best results.   Purchase 50 or more and each Air-O-Cell is only $5.50!