The LeakAlyzer -water loss sensor

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The Leakalyzer enables rapid determination of a pools water loss. It measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 5 minutes.

The Leakalyzer is so sensitive that water loss of less than a gallon from a 20ft. x 40ft. pool is readily indicated.

The solid line above represents water loss of 3/4 gallon of water from an 800 square foot pool over 8 minutes and 30 seconds. This is shown in relation to a reference line (the downward sloping dashed line) that represents .125Ν per day loss rate.

The Leakalyzer also provides a calculation of how this measured water level change would impact the pool in inches and gallons of water lost per hour or per day.


This screen demonstrates the measured water level change 
to indicate rate of water loss in inches or gallons per hour.


Or per day.

Consider the following money making and time saving benefits The Leakalyzer offers:


  • Provide Leak Status CertificationsΝ for pool owners, insurance companies and realtors.
  • Confirm a pool's leak status before investing time in extensive leak location procedures.
  • Confirm leaks have been fixed at the completion of repair thus avoiding expensive "call-backs."
  • Compare pump-on to pump-off water loss while at the pool to better direct leak location activities.


The latest version now includes the ability to save up to 10 tests and download them to your computer for further analysis and reporting!