Z-Lite DC Indoor Air Quality Testing Kit

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The Z-Lite pump is perfect for inspections and mold testing out in the field.  With it's cordless pump and rechargeable battery pack it can run over 2 1/2 hours per charge, making it easy to take it with you to every inspection.  Be fully prepared wherever you go! Z-Lite DC Indoor Air Quality Testing Pump Includes: Z-Lite DC Vacuum Pump, Sampling Hose, Tripod  

The Z-Lite DC Pump features: Cordless, Rechargeable battery pack, Programable timer for unattended operation, adjustable rotameter flow indicator, HEPA filtered exhaust, Works best with Air-O-Cell Cassettes, Built in sampling stand that extends to 36", Quick disconnecting tube, 1 year manufacture's warranty, Weight 18.8lbs